ZEUS Exhausts Kft.

Our company was founded on October 23, 2003. The company’s activity began with the manufacture of sports exhaust systems. Since 2004 our company has also been a supplier to the furniture industry. Thanks to the technology used in the exhaust industry, our company is one of the best and largest suppliers to the Kanizsa Trend furniture factory. We are also a cooperation partner of Quatro Mobili because of our precise processing and delivery. We currently have 80 types of products. We are constantly developing our high quality, modern and beautifully designed products to meet the requirements of the market. In addition to our sophisticated products, the wishes of our customers are very important to us. We look forward to special, unique orders. The name ZEUS stands for modernity, high quality and customer-oriented service. High-quality production also requires modern technical investments, which is why our company would like to purchase the most modern technical machines and systems. In 2018-2019, we won tenders for the innovation of our infrastructure, technology and IT areas.

Our references:

  • Kanizsa Trend Kft.
  • Stulwerk Kft.
  • Nilfisk-Advance Kanizsa
  • Nilfisk -Nagykanizsa
  • Ada
  • Wimmer home collections
  • Meranti Kft
  • Csercsics Kft.
  • Natúr Design Kft.
  • Lamello Kft
  • Manufaktúra Drewna
  • Pegaso Linea
  • Bardi Italy
  • Kőnigs Bútor Kft.
  • Kanizsa Kárpit Kft
  • Hülsta
  • Voglauer
  • Anrei
  • Woodstok
  • Voglauer