Pápai Asztalos Kft.

Our company was founded on January 1st, 1986 as Pápai Építőipari Szövetkezet Asztalos Szakcsoport (carpenter association of the construction industry cooperative in Pápa) with 18 members and has been operating as Pápai Asztalos Kft since January 1st, 1993.

Our company has been developing continuously for 34 years. We have a team of 45 skilled workers, our own branch and our machinery is constantly renewed.

The group of company owners consists of the workers of the Ltd. and is 100% Hungarian owned.

The new branch was built in 2010. The European Union and the Hungarian state supported the investment worth 45 million forint. The branch is located in the industrial park of Pápa at 11 Kopja street on a 9,785,000 m2 plot of land, of which 2,200 m2 is built with factory buildings. The factory was expanded with a 300 m2 warehouse.

Our main profile relates to activities such as the production of unique furniture, the production of series furniture and the implementation of unique interior design tasks.

We have already made furniture for public institutions, hotels, high-quality inns, banks, theaters, concert halls, auditorium furnishings and their acoustic cover troughs, posts, courts, hospitals and interior design tasks of church institutions. Other orders from us: reconstructed new production of furniture from historic buildings, delivery and installation of the chairs in the grandstand of sports facilities in main and subcontractors.

The new machinery and the technical equipment of our new branch meet the modern challenges and are constantly expanding. They satisfy the sophisticated customer requests regarding unique and standard furniture.

Our technical equipment and our machine park are suitable for the series production of solid wood and veneered furniture, of laminated, decorated furniture made of wood and steel combination.

In addition to the machinery and the necessary technical equipment for traditional woodworking and veneer, we also have arc-shaped vacuum technology, the most modern five-axis CNC machines and a modern surface treatment machine.

We mainly produce for the domestic market, but for more than 20 years we have primarily exported to Germany, Denmark and Austria. Furthermore, sales to the Japanese, Australian, American and Russian markets should be mentioned.

Quality management: ISO 9001: 2015 standard

FSC certification: FSC-STD-40-004 V2-1; Registration number: TUVDC-CoC-100701

Production development: ÉMI certified acoustic wall covering, suspended ceiling system

ARC Wood chair family (chair family for presenters and event rooms)

Domestic work:

Hotels, event rooms, other institutions:

Hilton Hotel Budavár, Danubius Thermen Hotel-Margitsziget, Hotel Hélia,

Ballroom of the Győr Mayor’s Office,

Pannonhalma multifunctional hall,

Renovation and reconstruction of the meeting room of the lower house in the Hungarian parliament, library of the state parliament

Central building G70 from Audi

CEU University suspended ceiling

Hungarian central bank; K&H Bank Center,

50 Raiffeisen branches set up. As part of a contract, we have been producing the furniture of the new profile in the K&H branches for two years. Furthermore, a contract was signed with the OTP Bank for the production of the furniture for the new profile. This creates a new opportunity for the manufacture of financial institution furniture.

Sports facilities:

Duna Arena, swimming pool Győr, EYOF Győr, Győr Audi Arena

Margitsziget open-air theater

Church institutions:

Pope Saint John Paul II Church, Páty

Pannonhalma main abbey: – check-in hall, – Herbal tearoom – Lavender steam room, – Archiepiscopal Palace, Apátsági Major

Esztergom – Old seminar building

Veszprém – Archiepiscopal Theological College

Sopron – goat church

Interior design for theaters, concert halls

Liszt Ferenc Music Academy – Budapest

Judge János concert hall– Győr

Pannonhalma main abbey-multifunctional hall

Palace of the Arts – Budapest

Liszt Ferenc Cultural Center – Sopron

Bartók Béla Kulturhaus – Győr

Last year, the reconstructed new manufacture of chairs and furniture from high-quality social institutions was an excellent project for us. (Reconstructed new production of 190 works of art)

We are currently working on furniture for the St. Stephan Hall in the Budavár Palace.

Our export work: Construction of the following systems was carried out with the help of our company

Chairs in concert halls, theaters:

Aschafenburg, Augsburg, Fürth City Theater, Globe Theater, Akzent Theater

Sports facilities:

Allianz Arena – Munich, Zagreb Arena, Generali Arena – Vienna, Wanda Metropolitano Stadion (Atletico Madrid) press box, VIP chairs.

Chairs of lecture halls and other event halls:

James Simon Museum, Berlin; Moscow Children’s Clinic; Moscow stock exchange; Graz, Salzburg University; Dortmund university lecture hall, Karawankenhof Hotel, Villach