Forest Hungary Kft.

• 25 years of market experience

• 135 employees

• Storage capacity of 15,000 m²

• 20,000 warehouse positions

• Fast and accurate delivery of over 40,000,000 products per year

• Over 99% of orders are shipped immediately from stock

Forest is one of the best-equipped furniture logistics bases in Central Europe that guarantees a smooth service.

Our company is a wholesaler. We conduct nationwide sales in close cooperation with our reseller partners. This makes our products easily accessible from anywhere in the country.

99% of the over 10,000 stock products are immediately available to our customers thanks to our 15,000 sqm warehouse capacity and comprehensive IT-logistics system.

Since the fall of 2016 our computerized, automated system – that was extended in 2019 – has been used for storing and withdrawing entire boards from storage, as well as for the management of the boards during the assembly process.

An important pillar of our services is quick and flexible delivery. Our Croatian and Serbian subsidiaries, as well as our representative offices in Romania and Bosnia and Herzegovina, are an integral part of our logistics system.

Our product development team is constantly researching innovations that give furniture manufacturers and users even more practicality, even faster, simpler workmanship and state-of-the-art designs.

It is also an important element of our product policy that we offer different price ranges within each product group, following the overall needs of users. Many renowned world brands are only available in our range. Our more than 10,000 products represent a unique selection on the market.

Our showroom is always open to the public. We provide our partners and visitors with up-to-date technical advice on the technical characteristics, installation, operation, use and application of our products.

We provide sample products and color swatches on favorable terms to all users.

We also meet your customized, tailor-made needs: we offer our customers a versatile edge-sealing production in our high-tech factory.

Our company also takes the strictest environmental aspects into account. Most of our Zalaegerszeg site power supply comes from our own renewable energy source. At our sites, all waste is collected selectively and recycled.