Anest Group

Technology, knowledge and security

We are the Anest Group. We supply the Hungarian wood and aluminium industry with modern technology. Our founder has been in business for over 30 years with the goal of providing the best possible solutions for those, who are passionate about wood and creation.

As the industry evolved, this business grew into a company and then a group of companies. The goal remains to offer individual solutions based on the latest technology. With the latest technology and decades of experience, we have installed more than 7,000 machines to keep our systems up to date.

Today’s industry is so complex that extensive knowledge can only be superficial. That is why we have formed teams that are specialists in one area. Each order is supported by numerous discussions and more specialist work. We work with our partners on a long-term basis and are therefore always on the lookout for the best solutions that can be constantly improved. We do not sell machines, software or services. We offer technology, knowledge and security.

We are working to enable both small and large companies to respond to changing market demands. The biggest challenges for Hungarian timber entrepreneurs are the increased quality requirements on the buyers’ side, moreover, delivery dates are essential and the shortage of skilled workers is extremely difficult.

Only the most modern manufacturing technologies can react to these conditions needed by even the smallest systems and fleets.

At our company training our employees and managers the new technology as well as the introduction of digitalization play a major role. That is why we teach machine operators, software users and plant operators.

We also offer user-friendly software for machines, construction, and production preparation and of course plant organization. Nowadays, not only systems with CNC technology need software support.

Our offers:

  • On-site assessment, personal advice
  • Exchange of basic machines – for accuracy and safety
  • Replace edges – new materials, PU edges (Zero Grout)
  • CNCs and table dividers – optimization, automation
  • Automated Small Plants – Nesting Technology on 350 m2 for 2-3 people
  • Introduction of software
  • Modern surfaces – grinding, foils, surface treatment