Plydesign is a Hungarian furniture brand established in 2014. Plydesign was born out of the desire to create excellent furniture design which contributes to the well-being of people. Care, consciousness and curiosity have been shaping the core of our design approach where the fusion of technology and material make our imaginations a reality – the enhancement of people’s quality of life.

Tamás Babits, founder and managing director of Plydesign and András Kerékgyártó, head of design, share the same holistic view – design, according to them, is not merely about creating objects, but it is a matter of deep understanding of social and personal context, therefore a physical answer for real everyday problems.

With this mindset, Plydesign has successfully found a way to bring about such an ecosystem where end-users, stakeholders, partners, employees and team members equally find solutions for their needs.

The Collection

In order to fully engage in an activity, we need a clear and peaceful mind – FLEET collection gives the level of comfort which allows users to experience flow when listening to music, enjoying dinner with family or friends or concentrating on demanding intellectual tasks.

FLEET Collection’s name refers to the paradox of building a fleet in a landlocked country. A navy fleet alludes to the strength of a nation, in charge of different tasks to achieve. Our FLEET Collection has a specific mission to accomplish as well: it has signed up for as an advocate of good design through creating furniture with the optimum ergonomics. As for ships, the collection rather employs furniture design; as for munition, it relies instead on the importance of knowledge and spirit enabling us to win actual everyday victories in the flow of resourcefulness and creativity.

Plydesign has developed a refined and subtle, yet long-lasting product family encompassing accuracy, precision and hidden details. FLEET Collection is a result of an extensive research and product development whereby the best practices of ergonomics were integrated and applied, based on users’ feedbacks. The product family offers the freedom of variability as the elements are designed in a universal way that the (legs, tabletops, shells and seat pans) are compatible with each other. Plydesign products are equally well suited to contract and domestic environment as they fully comply with all the relevant standards for stability and safety as well as surface resistance.