Faktum Bútor Kft.

We are a Hungarian furniture company with a history of more than two decades, which produces furniture especially for babies and children. Our furniture adapts to the changing needs of children of all ages and it accompanies the child growing to maturity.

The first Fact baby wardrobe was completed 25 years ago. It didn’t have a name, I made it for our own son who was born then …

So we took a deep breath and founded our small company in 1994, where we made baby furniture with our own hands in a rented workshop. The development of Faktum has far exceeded our expectations. After the start, we gradually increased the number of our employees, hired designers, and rented a larger factory to manufacture the furniture. Our furniture appeared in baby-, and children’s shops, and we also opened the first one of our own shops.

Today we produce almost 400 furniture elements in almost 24 color variations from 12 factum furniture families. The 70 employees of Faktor make cribs, shelves and wardrobes.

Our partnerships are excellent. Thanks to dedicated resellers – fans of babies themselves – customers can reach our products almost anywhere in the country. We have four own shops and an online shop in Hungary, we deliver for many furniture multinationals. Our furniture is also internationally established. Tens of thousands of children from Greece to Ireland sleep in their Faktum baby beds.

With the help of tender sources, we have carried out significant modernizations in recent years that not only satisfy our environmental awareness, but also enable our employees to work under more modern conditions.

Our customers appreciate high quality, practical furniture. We use this experience to design our manufacturing and sales processes.

We have a 12,000 square meter facility, including a 2,000 square meter factory, and powerful, high quality machinery. And perhaps most importantly, we have almost 70 well-trained, committed employees.

When designing and manufacturing our furniture, we try to get the best out of the first and minimize the last. The TÜV SÜD quality assurance system supports us , their experts certify our furniture according to strict criteria.

We can make anything that can be made from wood and chipboard. Continuously, quickly, precisely and in consistent quality.

To be able to produce our furniture in consistently high quality, we need the right tools. The warranty claims against Faktum Kft. are insignificant. It’s thanks to working with great people on great machines. Our machine park is designed to create the necessary and sufficient conditions for series production.

The Faktum Bútor Kft. focuses on the concepts of care, the pursuit of harmony and a balanced development. We want to convey this philosophy with our furniture.