Csercsics Faipari Kft.

The main goal of the wood industrial company Csercsics (Csercsics Faipari Kft.) is to offer high quality goods at reasonable prices and at good conditions.

In order to meet the customer requirements at the highest level, the company is constantly looking for innovative and modern woodworking and carpentry solutions for domestic and export partners.

Our goal is to strengthen our dealer network – which covers almost 100% of the country – and to gain an even larger share in the western markets.

The management and employees of the wood industrial company Csercsics strive to ensure a trustworthy environment for their partners with their high-quality services.

The main goals of the company in 2019:

• Growth in solid wood table orders

• After the investments in 2017 and 2018, we won the products of new solid wood furniture

• Increase in Internet trade

• Development of the web shop

• Establishing contacts with Austria, Sweden and other western countries

The years are behind us, the experiences with us and the tasks ahead.