Árkossy Furniture

Árkossy Bútor Kft. is a family enterprise. Tamás Árkossy and his wife Emese Árkossy created the foundations of the company back in 1992 which has been operating efficiently since then. This power couple, the husband being a wood engineer and the wife an economist, deployed their knowledge and invested their time and efforts in their respective fields. The result is a plant operating based on manufactory traditions, but equipped with cutting-edge machinery with a highly qualified 80-strong team.

From the very start, the Company’s core activity involved the production of furniture. As part of this, we primarily focused on the design and manufacture of unique furniture. During the initial years, design and production was primarily done for private individuals in line with current market demand. In the early 90s, furniture offering for private clients was rather limited, and individual needs could be satisfied only by smaller furniture companies. The high-quality work beared fruit: the Company was developing dynamically both in terms of its clientele and its pool of equipment and properties. The previous, modest operating premise located in Bánd was replaced by a significantly larger one located in Herend implemented as part of a greenfield investment accommodating workshop, office and showroom facilities.

The company’s current activities are based on our traditions; the process includes on-site assessment, consultation with the client, and detailed elaboration of quotation, contracting, production and final assembly. The construction plans of the furnishing are created by the highly experienced project managers, production engineers and technicians in cooperation with architect and interior design firms which are then implemented by our expert team of carpenters. Cooperation with other specialized fields is no longer a problem today: implementing the glass, steel and upholstered parts form part of furniture manufacturing. The fast and precise assembly at the end of the process is part of our high quality service.

We offer a broad range of services for private and institutional customers both within Hungary and abroad.